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Alaska Auto Transport FAQ's

Do I need to clean the exterior of my car before Alaska car transport?

We recommend that you wash your car before you transport your vehicle to or from Alaska. This will be a benefit for you when we do an inspection to determine existing damage before auto transport.

Is it a problem if my car is not in good operating condition?

Before transport, we recommend that you vehicle be in operating condition (brakes, steering, tires, etc) before shipment. VLP Transport will note any abnormalities. It is not possible to transport any vehicles to Alaska that are not in good working order. Please notify us of any issues at time of booking so we do not run into any unforeseen delays and costs that way we can assure transport of your car to or from Alaska will be done right.

Should I provide keys during transport to VLP Transport?

Yes, make sure that you provide a copy of your keys to the car moving driver upon pickup. We recommend that you test the key to make sure it works and be sure to keep an original set for yourself.

What paperwork do I need to move my vehicle?

VLP Transport requires copies of the original registration plus title, and whatever other notarized documents you have before the moving of the vehicle. For example, if you are still paying for your car (loan or lease), you will need notarized permission to transport to or from Alaska.

What if I do not own my vehicle?

If, before car shipping, you do not own the vehicle, please make sure you have paperwork and permission from the owner. The required paperwork should include a notarized letters of authorization. For example, if the vehicle is co-owned, both registered owners must sign the consent form to transport to or from Alaska.

What do I need upon delivery?

Always remember when transporting your vehicle, you must have proper identification to pick up the vehicle at its destination.

What should I do with electronic devices during transport?

At VLP Transport we request that you be sure to disconnect all battery operated devices before car hauling because batteries can run down during transit.

Should I be worried about ground clearance?

In car transport, ground clearance is the space between the ground and the low point on your vehicle. Car moving industry standards say that vehicles must 6 inches of ground clearance to be shipped safely during car moving to or from Alaska.

How long will it take to ship my car to Alaska?

The delivery of your car can take up to 14 days. Below are some basic ideas to help you along the way. All shipping times are estimated and should not be considered as guarantees.

Car Transport From Alaska:
Alaska to Tacoma, Washington from Anchorage – 7-10 days
Alaska to Tacoma, Washington from Dutch Harbor – 9-12 days
Alaska to Tacoma, Washington from Fairbanks – 10-14 days
Alaska to Tacoma, Washington from Kodiak – 9-11 days

Car Moving To Alaska:
Tacoma, Washington to Anchorage – 7-10 days
Tacoma, Washington to Dutch Harbor – 9-12 days
Tacoma, Washington to Fairbanks – 5-7 days
Tacoma, Washington to Kodiak – 5-7 days

What should I do to get started?

VLP Transport agents stand ready to serve you in your Alaska auto transport. To get started, simply call 888-936-7857 for your custom price quote or to book your order.